Piranha Divers will be closed in December and January! We will use this time to maintain all the divegear and further our diving knowledge abroad.

A personalised experience
Okinawa Diving

Diving with Piranha

Jan Claudius Weirauch Piranha Divers Okinawa piranha divers tripadvisor

This is me, Jan, and my wife Tomoko. We’re the founders of Piranha Divers, a scuba diving company in sunny Okinawa. We provide a service in both English and German to foreigners visiting or living in Okinawa.

I first started diving in 1999, basically as soon as I was old enough to put on a scuba tank and stay underwater. That first dive into the deep was in a chilly German quarry, but the cold experience didn’t put me off and I’ve had a passion for diving ever since.
Later I became a PADI diving instructor and my work took me to Egypt (where I met my lovely wife), Greece, Australia and Thailand, before I settled in Okinawa with Tomoko and the goal to establish a dive service, which we did in 2009.

We would love to welcome you here too, where you’ll experience the best diving in Japan (which also means strict, modern safety standards), and fantastic sub-tropical island life – lots of sun, stunning beaches and crystal clear warm waters (25–30°C most of the year).

Also, scuba diving in Okinawa means endless reefs, walls and caves, a huge WWII wreck, and incredible sea life – from tiny strikingly-colored nudibranchs to rays, turtles and tuna.

We believe you’ll love diving in Okinawa with Piranha Divers because we offer smaller dive groups and a more personal service than you’ll find elsewhere on the island. And if you’re a complete beginner, an instructor or anywhere in between, we can tailor-make a dive program to suit your needs. Also, diving with us means a full range of modern rental equipment – maintained and regularly updated.

Look forward to seeing you,
Jan and Tomoko

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Stunning Nature
Impressive Diving

Okinawa and diving

okinawa map

Okinawa is an island in the Ryukyus, a chain of volcanic Japanese islands that stretch southwest from Kyushu to Taiwan, and the main island of Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture. This island, which is only about 112 km long, is where Piranha Divers’ shop is located, about half way up in fact (so perfect for all directions).
While Okinawa has a great variety of incredible dives, we try to focus on servicing the northern part of the island where there’s more nature to see and fewer people to bump into.

Diving in Onna Village
Are you looking for a day of “easy” diving? Maybe your last dive is already some time ago. Or are you still learning how to dive? If this sounds like you, then Maeda Point, and the famous Blue Cave with its beautiful rock formations and very blue water, is a truly great dive location with a moderate depth of 20 m (60 feet) and minimal to no currents.

But if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, we’ll take you to Manza where there are several great dive spots with incredibly varied marine life and a continuously changing topography. Frogfish at Nakayukui Point, turtles and white-tipped reef sharks at Overhang Rock, and grey reef sharks at Horseshoe are just some of the sea creatures you might get to see, as well as lots of garden eels and fan corals at the magical Manza Dreamhole.

Diving in northern Okinawa
If you’re interested in adventure, or history, and have at least 50 dives under your belt then we think you would love a day trip to the wreck of the USS Emmons. It’s an American Destroyer around 40 m down off the coast of Kouri Island and is an eerie reminder of Okinawa’s darkest hour during WWII.

Continuing the adventure, the most northern point of Okinawa offers Cape Hedo, a unique dive location where the Pacific Ocean proper and the East China Sea meet to create an incredible mix of marine life and diving intensity. Experience vibrant reefs, occasional strong currents and the famous Hedo Dome, entered from underwater before an inside ascent where you may just find traces of prehistoric life.

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Small Classes
Easy Learning
"The best way to observe a fish      
is to become a fish."

– Jacques Yves Cousteau

Learning to dive with Piranha Divers

Learning to dive with us in Okinawa gives you the benefit of our small classes and high regard for safety. For entry level certification our maximum class size is only four divers to one instructor. For all other courses the maximum class size is six divers to one instructor, so plenty of time for your questions and concerns to be addressed.
All courses are taught in English or German, and we guarantee you personal guidance through the entire learning process to make sure that you’ll be a comfortable diver after certification. Visit learn to dive to get more information

Open Water Diver

open water diver course


  • learning to scuba dive
  • first-time divers

Takes: 3 days
Costs: 59.000 Japanese yen

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Advanced Open Water

advanced open water diver


  • the next step after OWD
  • diving deeper – 30m/100ft

Takes: 2 days
Costs: 49.000 Japanese yen

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Rescue Diver & CPR

rescue diver course


  • Advanced divers with 30+ dives
  • problem-solving underwater

Takes: 3 days
Costs: 59.000 Japanese yen

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divemaster course


  • Rescue Divers with 40+ dives
  • becoming a professional diver
  • supervising other divers

Takes: from 2 weeks
Costs: from 99.000 Japanese yen

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Not enough time?
There are short forms for the Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver Course available. You can upgrade from either of these courses within a day – worldwide.
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Awesome Creatures
Colorful Ecosystems
“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds      
one in its net of wonder forever."

– Jacques Yves Cousteau

Where we dive

The northern parts of the island are nowhere near as developed as those further south. Which is why we like them. Not only do you get to experience some of the hidden adventures Okinawa diving has to offer, you also get a glimpse into a more traditional Okinawan lifestyle.

Maeda Point

blue cave okinawa


  • easy reef dives with lots of colorful fish
  • learning how to dive

Dive Plan: 2 dives – the Blue Cave and another location
Requirements: ready for fun

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Manza Point

manza dream hole


  • easy reef dives with lots of colorful fish
  • learning how to dive

Dive Plan: 2 or 3 dives, wall and reef diving
Requirements: certified diver

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U.S.S. Emmons

wreck diving


  • divers interested in the history of WWII or shipwrecks
  • an experienced diver with a minimum of 30 dives

Dive Plan: 2 wreck dives down to 36/45m 120ft/150ft
Requirements: min. 30 logged dives

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Cape Hedo

cape hedo


  • ‘landscape’ diving and big fish
  • a challenge

Dive Plan: 3 dive-day trip, including drift diving and cave diving
Requirements: min. 30 logged dives

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Historical Locations
Challenging Dives

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