Minna jima and Sesoko jima

Lighthouse, Croissant point, Cable point and many more dive sites.
Maximum depth: 20m/65ft
Entry/exit: By boat
Level: Certified Diver
Meeting time: 7:30 am at Piranha Divers in Onna Village
Trip duration: 2 or 3 dives – approximately 8–9 hours. (including lunch break)
Main attractions: Reef diving, drift diving, cavern diving
Location: Motobu, close to the famous Churaumi Aquarium
Minimum Divers: 2
Minna Islands

About this trip:
These two islands feature a total of about 25 diverse dive-sites, with spectacular reefs similar to those of the Kerama Islands, but with far fewer divers in the waters, making this a very pleasant and uncrowded day trip. Dive depths not exceeding 20m/65feet make these dives safe and comfortably accessible for families with children or newly certified divers.

Mina jima, also called Croissant Island due to it's shape, features some very healthy coral reefs with lot's of sea life at every turn. Some of the key viewpoints are:

  • Lighthouse point: Famous for White and Red Scorpion leaf fishes,
  • Cable point: Home to a lot of Blue Ribbon Eels and also Garden Eels
  • Croissant Island: Divers are most likely to encounter “Dori,” properly named Pacific Blue Tang fish.

Sesoko jimaIs a special dive site with many meandering walls filled with lot's of crevices , swim throughs and tunnels. Sharks and lobsters may be found hidden beneath rocks. Here, divers love to explore sea life of all sizes hidden on and within these wondrous walls.

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What to bring (other than your dive gear):

  • Swimwear, towel and sunscreen
  • Your Logbook, certification and insurance card, if you have one
  • Lunch up to 1,000 yen and boat fee is included in this daytrip

Cost per diver:

  • Full day of 3 dives = 25.000 yen, or 2 dives = 19.000 yen
  • Full set of dive gear cost 5.000 yen (per day)


  • You can pay conveniently via credit card at the dive site
  • Please go to Okinawa Scuba Diving to see more of what we have to offer.

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