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Piranha Divers Okinawa

Piranha Divers Okinawa
904-0401, Onna Village
Aza Nakama 2288-243 Prince Palazzo 1F
Okinawa, Japan

Japanese address:

098-967-8487 (within Japan)

080-4277-1155 (within Japan)

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Jan & Tomoko
Jan & Tomoko
Owners of Piranha Divers Okinawa

When you come to Okinawa you’ll probably want to see the beautiful parts, to get a flavour of the original Ryukyu culture and simply have a break from the urban life most people are forced to live for the purposes of work. Well, that’s what we think and that’s what we did when we came here. We’re about midway up the island, which still makes us reachable, but by Okinawan standards it’s serious countryside and there’s ‘nothing there!’ – perfect, we say.

Our shop sits on a hill, surrounded by a forest that’s bursting with wildlife and has a cracking view of the blue sea. We worked hard to get here, but we’re so pleased we made that effort because our customers are guaranteed something a bit different from most of the other dive shops on the island. But that doesn’t mean we’re so remote you’ll struggle to reach us. This is Japan, after all, the country famous for its incredibly efficient public transport networks, and so a regular bus from the capital, Naha, stops just down the road.

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